How to Select a Good Image CDN Provider for Your e-commerce Store?

Table of Content

  • What is content delivery network?
  • Benefits of adopting CDN for eCommerce businesses
  • Why e-commerce business should adopt CDN
  • How to pick the right CDN provider

Slow-loading websites can affect your bottom line.

And, just a 1-second page load delay could lose millions of revenue.

According to the latest data,


Website loading time is essential for a better user experience. But, most of the time we ignore it to accommodate new nifty functionality, better aesthetic design, and to add content on the website. Unfortunately, website visitors tend to care more about speed rather than these features.

The average user is impatient and hungry, and they can’t wait for a page that takes too much time to load, justifiably so.  Apart from that, page loading time has become more important when it comes to search engine ranking.


So, are you wondering how to improve your website speed and page load times?

There are many different ways out there to improve your website loading time and speed. Among them, CDN (Content Delivery Network) is one of the best ways that not only boost the overall speed and performance of your website, but it can also improve user experience.

We can say- Faster loading website=happier customers + more conversions.

As browser speeds continue to increase, customers or users expect faster performance. Sites with loading time more than 3 seconds can expect bounce rates of 40% or worse. Hence, retail and eCommerce businesses use CDN (content delivery network) for website speed optimization. It also helps them to deliver content to their potential customers at a faster pace than usually sent by the normal server network.

If you are running a retail business and facing the same issue, rely on a good image CDN provider. Before you take the leap into the CDN Industry to find the best provider for your e-commerce business, you should first know what CDN is and why is it important for your e-commerce website? So, let’s get started.

What is Content Delivery Network?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a geographically distributed group of servers that are located at different parts of the world to store content in the form of video, text, CSS files, HTML pages, and Javascript files. CDNs fetch the content from your website on multiple servers in different locations around the world. After that, the Content delivery network delivers content to your visitors or customers through the server that is closest to them. If users search for any page, the CDN network that located closest to them is used for fetching the information and provides them in the fast-paced.

CDN serves various benefits to e-commerce businesses, such as –

eCommerce Businesses

Selecting CDN for your business is the best way to prevent spam and malicious attacks on your website. The more the speed of transfer, the quicker your website loads in devices for your users. Besides quickly open website pages, CDN works amazingly to bring high traffic to your website from different platforms, such as – Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Why e-commerce businesses should adopt CDN?

It may be easy to create an e-commerce website but it is not always easy to run a website. There are a lot of activities associated with it, sales to make, orders to fill, payment to receive and more.  Therefore, it becomes important that your website opens quickly.

Higher SEO Ranking- Fast-loading web pages aren’t just important for visitors but it also important to bring high traffic to your website. Google’s algorithms adapt to the speed of the developed web. Page rank is evaluated on how fast the content on your page loads. When you use CDN, you significantly strengthen your SEO efforts and can improve your site’s speed and your rank.

Speed: Once you adopted CDN, you can increase your site speed.

Crash Resistance: adopting CDN becomes important if your website has high traffic. This lets you distribute 100% of the traffic load to the server instead of moving to a single server.

Improved User Experience: A fast loading site doesn’t only improve user experience, but it also helps you to retain your customers, increase page views and decrease bounce rates.

How to pick the right CDN provider?

To provide better and faster web experience to your users, it’s important to contact a reliable Content Delivery Network provider. There are many CDN providers out there who are dedicated and committed to delivering unique and better web performance for end-users.

The reason they can deliver quality services is not that they have a strong connection or bigger network pipes, better network peering capabilities, and more servers around the world, but they have dedicated professional’s teams who have extensive knowledge to monitor their infrastructure. In other words, a CDN is able to take advantage of economies of scale in order to deliver a service that is faster, better, and more cost-effective than if you depend on your own infrastructure.

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